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Success Stories

Prior to entering the SZABIST ZABTech, I had worked several temporary jobs in fields to make money to help my family. I had also started the process of achieving my HVAC certificate through SZABIST ZABTech (iTVE) Gharo. I was being helped financially through BBSYDP but that was not enough to meet all the living expenses. My Father is the only financial supporter of my family and was unable to help me financially with my education, He works as an operator in local Pump House. His salary meets our basic needs like utilities, and groceries. SZABIST ZABTech (iTVE) Gharo assistance really made it possible to complete my HVAC training through BBSYDP Phase X Batch 1. My first goal was to graduate from SZABIST ZABTech (iTVE) Gharo and learn as much as I could. I am the first in my family to attend college and while they supported me there wasn’t any money left over to help. I had to find financial support elsewhere. I knew reaching my goal was not going to be easy but when I found a part time job in AC Workshop at Dhabeji, I knew it was going to be possible. He is implementing all his skills in field of AC & Refrigeration work as professional using safety precautions, soft skills, green skills, knowledge and attitude to satisfy his customers and is able to earn more than 25000/- at Local workshop. His owners of workshop are satisfied with his work. Still his dream is not completed. He is eager to open his own ideal workshop where he can put all his skills and transfer his knowledge to the willing students, He is very thankful to SZABIST ZABTech (iTVE) Gharo for quality education and skills. Aizaz

Bilal Kabeer, son of an old age Crane Operator, was living in Gharo city, due to which family earning minimized to certain level. Bilal Kabeer, as an elder son, left regular study during matriculation and started earning through worker on local electric workshop. One day he came to know from a friend that as an electrician he could run his own business, work for a small company or be part of a crew keeping large industrial sites running 24 hours a day. Then he was informed about admissions in SZABIST ZABTech (iTVE) Gharo. He was very much desperate to take admission in electrician department. He was very emotional when he saw his name in merit list of SZABIST ZABTech (iTVE) program. He started learning in General Electrician trade while working on workshop in evening to support family. He found teachers and admin of ZABTech very cooperative and institute’s learning environment was more attractive. He used to sit in labs in even off times due to his enthusiasm for learning. ZABTech’s career counseling program beside classes made him more sincere towards skills learning in field of electrician. After completion of studies, he opened his own shop of electric equipment in Gharo city and he learned all services related to instruments from technical to ethical at ZABTech institute. Bilal Kabeer not only stopped there but searched jobs at different industries at nearby locations. One fine morning, Kenwood Industry announced position of “Motor Winder” in a newspaper. Bilal learned skills, knowledge and experience so he felt easy to apply for this coveted position. Bilal secured position in interview and immediately offered job by the company. His dream came true due to prayers of parents, society whom he served and institution through which he learned skills. According to Bilal, “My life has been totally changed since declaration of skilled worker. I want to keep stepping up”. Bilal is now earning 30000 plus per month and supporting his family. He came out of poverty due to enthusiasm of skills and learning.

Before joining the SZABIST I was just student and not expert in technology field but I was enthusiastic about being involved in the Information technology field. One day the faculty staff of SZABIST ZABTech gharo campus came to our A.R.C.E language center for inviting the young students to get technical education in the campus. It was a great opportunity for me so I went to the SZABIST for visiting its environment and management system. I meet with the principle of the campus. I was impressed to see the cleanliness and the management system of the campus. I applied and luckily I got admission in the (CIT major in office automation) for 4 month course. In the first batch of campus. I started my new career of information technology with full of interest. I really got a quality of education. The course was only of the 4 moths but it was equal to 1 year course. During the course many time I got the great opportunities to participate in the class activities also got opportunities to lead a great program by comparing in the training events. All the staff, trainers including principle and lower staff was fully cooperative that’s why I got a great technical education with the excellent results and got “First Position”. Alhamdulillah, today I am certified from the SZABIST with a real technical education and I am really proud to be the part of such a great institute which is providing the quality of technical education for trainees. After completing the course I got a job opportunity in the (semi government) institute of Sindh education foundation. Today I am working in the school as an “Admin and Teacher”, getting 10 thousand per month. I am also working on an online website business from where I am earning (150 to 250 $ USD) equals (15000 to 25000 PKR) per month. I really salute the SZABIST ZABTech gharo campus for making me strong with power of technical education. Thanks SZABIST ZABTech Gharo campus. “Muhammad Tayyab jokhio”